The sky is falling!

The strong winds also caused benches, tree branches, and barricades to collapse. 

When it was said there would be renovations in the 300s teachers believed they would improve the learning environment for students. However, it was not until they came back into the building when they found new lights and curling tiles installed in their classrooms. Alongside new air conditioning units with heaters. 

“ After the renovations now with the rain there are missing tiles and I am upset because I take pride in decorating my room and it gets messed up with things like this. Someone needs to be held accountable for the failed renovations,” said Ms.Tiscareño, science teacher. 

The beginning week of March the small area to go to the 30s and 50s building was closed due to construction. In order for students to get to class he had to use the front auditorium as a passage to class. The auditorium becomes crowded during passing periods and may cause students to be late or hurt on their way to class. 

“I’ve noticed that students are taking longer to get to the 300s after the construction began. Causing some to be tardy if they are coming from the 30s,” said Salvador Contreras, a science teacher. 

Leaks continue as the rain in California, the leaks have mostly affected the 300s building. Many classrooms have missing tiles in the ceiling due to leaks. Although it was reopened and fixed to prevent leaking before construction it seems there is no change. 

“In my English class which is in the 300s the noise of the construction is very loud and I can not hear the teachers. It is very distracting. The rain has also affected my classes a lot have falling ceilings due to the leaks.”  said Alondra Villa, sophomore 

Overall, rain and construction have affected the function of students during passing periods. Crowded routes due to blocked areas obligate students to the same space at the same time. Adding on a new tardy policy that is more strict causes various students to rush to class and this may cause serious injuries. 

“Yes, it does affect my route to my classes because it takes me way longer and some pathways get really crowded which makes it more difficult to get to class,” said Lizbeth Guerrero, senior 

The campus has been under construction and many of the buildings that were reopened after being “fixed” by leaks have not seen a significant change. Many classrooms have missing tiles and trash cans on desks to prevent the leaks from spilling on the floor. The hazards put teachers and most importantly students at risk of injury. It has been brought to the attention of administrators and the district, yet there has been no visible response. 

Written By: Carolina Lopez, Editorials Editor

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