Powderpuff BTS

PowderPuff is an event where senior and junior girls play flag football while the boys play as the cheerleaders. Teams are determined by grade levels: seniors VS juniors, seniors wearing pink, and juniors wearing orange.

With this in mind, the majority of students and teachers are excited to attend Huntington Park’s PowderPuff game. Players may feel nervous since it’s the first PowderPuff game since around 2018 but many are thrilled to play. 

Huntington Park High School’s last PowderPuff game was around five years ago. This was due to different reasons, such as quarantine and the amount of paperwork that ASB members had to do last year.

Fortunately, this year ASB has now been able to plan out this event. The committee members that are making this event possible are Madeline Alvarez as ASB President, Lead.

Other organizers include Alexia Nava, Julieta Duenas, Mia Navarro, Jessica Flores, Lizbeth Perez, and Dominique Garcia, Wendy Sanchez, and Andrea Rodriguez. All working on paperwork, flyers, etc. to make this event happen and not for anyone to overstress about it. 

Yet there is now a different obstacle in making this event happen. The committee is facing some difficulties planning this event since some don’t have experience with a PowderPuff game.

It will be hard to determine how this event should be planned out and what type of things should be provided for the players to meet the audience’s expectations. With the help of alumni and coaches have helped with planning this important event with their experience of having helped and having past experience with PowderPuff games.

The plan to make this event possible is to clear players who aren’t cleared already by the nurse before coming back from spring break. Currently, there are 42 people registered for PowderPuff which includes boys and girls and they’ll be contacted by the school nurse. It’ll be quite a couple of people to clear, but within time, everyone will be able to play.

Co-lead Alexia Nava states, “We’re planning on having practice all throughout the month of April, leading up to the football game on May 5th.” They also plan to separate the teams which it’ll cause a rival relationship where their colors will determine their grade level.

The PowderPuff tickets will only be sold at the door for $3. The doors will open at 6 pm and the game will start at 7 pm, it will also be Cinco de Mayo, themed hence the date. 

Good luck to all players participating, and may the best team win!

Update: Seniors won!

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