Goodbye and Good Riddance?

I don’t like goodbye’s. It’s not really my thing, you know, but I’m a senior in high school with about a week left here at HP. I’ve made some pretty good memories here at HP despite the pandemic and other challenges that I’ve faced throughout my high school career, so before I say goodbye or see you later, I want to reminisce and say my thank you’s.

I want to start with the first teacher I’ve ever met at HP, Ms. Tiscareño. Ms. Tiscareño has been my advisory teacher all four years that I’ve been in high school. She was always one of my favorite teachers, and I was very lucky to be able to have her for three classes my freshman year. It’s also in her AVID 9 class that I met the person that ended up becoming one of my best friends. I’ve made so many memories with Ms.T, either through watching movies in advisory, small conversations during class, running SRLA, or celebrating birthdays and I can’t believe that in a week I won’t be coming to her class every weekday to sit in her advisory class. Thank you Ms. Tiscareño for letting my friends and I get to know a little bit more from just your teacher role. You’ve become a really important person and mentor in my life. I hope that future me will make it a point to keep in contact with you because aside from being a great teacher, you’re a wonderful person and human being. Thank you for being part of what made high school enjoyable for me. 

It’s also during my freshman year where I met the person that came to be my Coach and lowkey like my second dad. Bonsteel scoped me out my freshman year as I passed by his class one day and asked if I was interested in running cross country. It was also that day where I decided to join Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA). I’ve been acquainted with Bonsteel before even attending high school because my older brother ran for him, but did not know that for the next four years I would be running because I enjoyed it and mentoring an ever changing team for 3 years. I also didn’t know that it would be through him where I’d meet and make my second family with SRLA. It’s through him I met Briana and Marco, two people who I consider my little siblings despite never actually having any. I don’t have enough words that describe the love and appreciation I have for him. He goes above and beyond for his runners and genuinely cares for everyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a runner, your captain, and a “daughter” that you adopted during my stay. I cannot imagine my high school life without you.

Before I cry while writing this, I’d like to thank Mr. Ta. Like Bonsteel, I had been acquainted with him before my life at HP began due to my brother, but different from my brother, I feel like I got to know him better due to the many classes I’ve had with him. Ta gave me the opportunity to challenge myself without even wanting to when he put me in AP English Lang. class my junior year. This is also the year that I began Spartan Shield, which is advised by him. Writing about Ta for him to read and post on the website is a very funny feeling to do, but I will say that he is nothing but a teacher who wants the best for his students. I think aside from Mrs. Jackson, another great teacher I was blessed to have, he’s one of the teachers that pushed me the most mentally and academically. I broke barriers that I didn’t even know I had because of him and cannot express in words how grateful I am for him. Thanks for adopting Tania and I for the past two school years.

I also can’t forget to thank my best friend, Tania J. Vasquez. She is one of the best people I’ve met hat this school. She’s seen me at worst and helped build me up to who I am now. I genuinely do not know how I managed my first two years of high school without her, but am so grateful to have spent my last two (and probably the best) years of high school with her. Most people go throughout high school not meeting their life long friends and I’m very happy to say that Tania and I are not like most people. Not only that, I want to thank her for some bonding us and Hernandez as good friends. 

Because this is getting quite long and I would like to not cry again, thank you to everyone that made my life better. However we were acquainted, I wish you the best in life. Also shout out to It’s a good riddance of school but not if those I’ve met and bonded with. See you guys whenever I see y’all. 

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