Senior Farewell: Cheerio:)

Goodbye, Ms.Tiscareño, thank you for always providing the best you could for me and all your students. Learning can be fun and creative and I know this thanks to you. Goodbye to all the nice staff ladies who gave me the most comfortable experiences walking to class or going to the restroom. The small interactions with all those who greeted me as I passed. Goodbye to my best friends Emely and Alondra. I will continue to see you, but it will never be the same like it has been these past years. Thank you Emely for being with me since freshman year. I have taken things seriously with you since we walked on the track. I am glad we learned how to run and talk, we both put this skill to the test by joining SRLA. 

I will miss not seeing you almost every day. 

As a freshman I was shy and scared of standing out, I was only a Health Advocate for the Well Being Center. Having to go completely online in just the second semester of high school was unexpected. However, it was only until sophomore year that classes online felt optional. I lost the motivation to learn and I think to this day I am not as “smart” as I was then. I feel this year was a gap, I struggled in school but these struggles helped me focus on my upcoming years and placing my organization and expectations for myself higher. After coming back from online learning, I came back more mentally prepared, more confident, and less afraid to be involved in school. I decided to join the track team. Along with joining track my senior year I also got involved in Journalism, School Site Council, and Avid Tutoring. 

Next year, I will attend UC San Diego and major in Psychology with Specialization in Human Health. With this degree, I hope to attend grad school and become a therapist. I look forward to being self-employed and using my skills to help people I meet. I enjoy giving people the relief to be heard and knowing they are not alone. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, I would tell myself nobody cares about what you do because they are more focused on themselves. Stop living in comfort because we only limit ourselves. Ultimately if you want to change,  you have to make changes.

Written By: Carolina Lopez, 2023 Editorials Editor

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