Senior Farewell: Unforgettable Memories

As I prepare to graduate high school and enter a new chapter in my life, I can’t help but to reminisce on all the unforgettable memories I have created during these past four years. I am extremely grateful to have met so many wonderful people who have motivated and supported me throughout my time at school. Coming to Huntington Park High School was very nerve wracking as I didn’t attend Gage Middle School like most students here at this school. However, I was excited to be able to start fresh without anyone knowing my past. 

 See, when I was a student in middle school I wasn’t the greatest. I was always in some sort of trouble, didn’t care for my education, gave my parents a hard time, and hung out with the wrong crowd. However, the mistakes I have made in the past have allowed me to grow and realize what I truly value in life. Now, I have learned to prioritize my education and the people who have been there for me through thick and thin.

When I started high school I didn’t have many friends therefore all I could do was focus on school which allowed me to receive straight A’s for the first time since elementary school. This was the first time in what seemed like forever that I felt a sense of accomplishment which motivated me to continue to focus on my education. During my sophomore year, I decided to move in with my brothers who lived in Michigan because I was struggling a lot with my mental health. I was beginning to lose myself and wasn’t able to see the light at the end of the tunnel at the time. I am extremely grateful for my siblings, parents, and best friend who didn’t leave my side even when I was at my lowest. 

Thankfully, we were able to return to campus during my junior year and finally interact with humans again lol. This was the year that it was beginning to get real. All I could think about was college. I was doing all that I could in order to be as competitive as possible when I applied to college. Looking back at it now I probably shouldn’t have stressed as much. The summer of my junior year I was given the opportunity to participate in the LA-HIP internship at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This internship was truly a life changing experience as it fueled my passion for both medicine and research and motivated me to pursue a MD-PhD in the future. Thankfully all my hard work paid off and I was accepted into my dream school, UCLA, where I will be majoring in Neuroscience. 

Thank you to Mr. Amparan for always supporting me unconditionally throughout my college process. You are the realest! I am sorry for always asking you to write me a recommendation letter the day before it was due. Thank you to Ms. Sanchez for always having my back and believing in me when I felt I had no one by my side. To Ms. Molina, words can’t explain how grateful I am for you. Thank you for everything that you have done for me since the very first day of freshman year. To Mr. Ta, thank you for teaching me how to write properly, even though we all complained to you every day about how difficult AP Lang was. Jokes aside, thank you for always believing in me. P.S. You are going to be a great father! (“me and UCLA are like this 🤞🏽”). To Mr. G, even though I may have not said it before, believe me when I say that you’re one of my biggest inspirations. I remember the day I told you I was accepted into UCLA, seeing you almost tear up over one of my accomplishments truly made me so grateful for all the support you have given me these past two years. Arriba Nayarit! And to all the teachers I have had the privilege to be taught by throughout my time in HP, thank you for everything! You are all the reason why I will always have the utmost respect for any teacher I encounter. 

Although I am nervous for what the future holds, I am excited to be able to enter a new chapter in my life. Throughout my life I have faced countless challenges, but have gained many valuable life lessons along the way. To anyone who reads this, remember that life is all about learning from your mistakes. Do not let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do because only you know what you’re capable of. Always remain humble but never settle for less. Take advantage of all the opportunities and resources that are offered to you. But, remember that not everything is going to be handed to you. In life you will have to work hard for what you want to accomplish. Be kind to yourself and everyone around you. Always say sorry when you know you’re in the wrong, don’t let your pride get in the way because that is how you lose valuable friendships. Acknowledge your priorities in life whether that is your education, family, friends, money, success, etc. If you are going through a hard time, struggling with your mental health, or facing an obstacle, remember that it is okay to ask for help. And lastly, always put yourself first!

Well, Goodbye! Your 2023 valedictorian is OUT!

Written by Staff Writer, Leslie Cisneros

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