Senior Farewell: New beginnings

My time here at Huntington Park High School has been amazing for the people I got to meet and the countless memories that I have made here. Throughout my four years, I not only expanded my knowledge of the world but also grew as a person. While it seems that these years went by quickly, I’m proud to be graduating and taking my experiences with me as I continue my journey in life. 

When I first arrived here, I was quite nervous, and I had no idea what to expect since everything here was new. As I adjusted to the new environment, I made new friends and even reunited with old friends from middle school. I had fun in PE with my friends, Linda and Odet, as we walked around the track and talked about our days or interests. I met some nice seniors who welcomed me and made my first year a better experience. Unfortunately, COVID happened, but that opened an opportunity to reach out to Jessica and begin hanging out with her again. She would soon become my best friend the following year. 

When we returned and my junior year began, I felt like it was my first day of high school all over again. This time though, I had great friends by my side who made junior year the best experience. I’m glad that I became closer friends with Jessica, Lucia, Alexia, and Destiny. I hope to keep in touch with them and wish them luck on their own journeys. The same year, I joined Academic Decathlon with Jessica, where we had a great time and met new people. In my senior year, I continued to hang out with these friends and became a part of Spartan Shield. 

I have met not only amazing students but amazing teachers as well. In my junior year, I met Mr. Ta while taking AP English Language and Composition. He inspired me to express a voice that I never normally expressed, which gave me an insightful perspective on many topics. The same year, I met my Spanish teacher, Ms. Salazar, who was very welcoming and made me look forward to my learning experiences. Mr. Amparan was also a great teacher who made me realize my interest in chemistry during my senior year. I’m thankful for the many teachers I had throughout high school and the support that they have given me. I hope that their future students are able to learn and experience many wonderful lessons from them, just as I did. 

As graduation draws nearer with each passing day, I look forward to a new beginning at Cal State Long Beach (CSULB). Currently, I plan to major in child development, but I’m still not fully sure of all my future plans. I took an interest in child development because I want to work with kids when I’m older to provide them with support and help them grow. While at CSULB, I also plan to get more involved in the school community by joining clubs. I hope to make the most of my time at college. 

Although high school started off a bit tough for me, I’m proud that I managed to get to where I am now. There may be times when things do not go your way, but as long as you push through and make the most of it, you will get to where you want to be. While you may experience struggles throughout your life, they cannot hold you back from progressing in your journey. With that being said, enjoy your high school years. Those memories will be something nice to look back on in the future.

Written by: Melissa Sanchez, 2022-2023 Proofreader

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