Senior Farewell: The High School experience

For the last 4 years at Huntington Park High School, I created great memories not only with friends but also with the teachers here. When I came here as a 13-year-old, I was scared of the new environment and what new experiences I would come across. 

However, when I met the teachers helped me warm up to the school, and realize that high school was not so scary, especially Mrs.Tiscareno who always made it a more comfortable space for all the students. 

I wasn’t one to have a big friend group, so I was fine with the two friends I had from Gage middle school. I want to thank that one friend who always stuck by me since I can remember, Jessica Delgadillo and Alexia Nava. 

I knew Jessica from elementary school, met her in Middle school, and got closer in High school. She was the one I always talked to and complained to about schoolwork and laughed about random things. I knew Alexia in elementary school and have been with her ever since, she was and still is my cuddle buddy.

A fond memory was my first year of marching band, making new friends, learning an instrument, going to competitions, and overall having fun. 

The main struggle I had in high school that I never thought I was going to experience was losing one of my best friends. This happened during covid, and it was hard for everyone. The sudden change brought a toll on my mental health, and I only tried to focus on school because I wasn’t one to have D’s and F’s, and the mere thought of it scared me. I ignored many people which led us to drip off. When it was time to come back, I tried to talk to them and mend things, but I was simply given the cold shoulder so I gave up.

Some things I was involved in 9th grade were cross country and the gaming club. In 11th grade, I just stuck with the Marching Band and in 12, I stuck with the marching band and joined Spartan Shield. Looking back at my 9th-grade self, I realized that I was a big ol’ nerd. I was a try-hard and stressed out over the most minor things. 

If it wasn’t for me being a nerd, I would imagine myself now being a terrible student that wouldn’t care for school at all. I plan to attend Cal Poly Pomona to study computer science/coding in hopes of working for Google or making my own company. 

My advice is to have good influences, it will change your perspective on different things, whether it’s good or bad.

Written by: Lucia Sandoval; 2022-2023 Broadcast Editor

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